Aoton Winery Stylovatis / Stylobate PGI Attica

Aoton Winery Stylovatis / Stylobate PGI Attica

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This wine is a charity wine. Stylobate (Στυλοβάτης) means the one who supports, helps and strengthens, and with every purchase, 3€ will be donated directly to the voluntary, non-profit Greek child welfare organisation The Smile of a Child.

Aoton's Stylovatis white is made from Savatiano and Roditis grapes, harvested from Aoton's organic vineyards of 1,1 hectares at Gonetses-Markopoulo and Fylakio-Peania, from a mix of 30-year-old vines, which grow in soil made up of slightly alkaline clayey sand and are subject to the temperate Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild winters.

The grapes are hand-picked at night and carried to storage before sunrise, to maintain their freshness and low temperature. They are concentrated in stainless steel tanks for skin contact, and stay there, with the help of refrigeration, for approximately 10 days, in order to start the alcoholic fermentation, by the indigenous, wild yeasts found on the fruit and in the vineyard. During this period, every 24 hours, 10% of the fermented grape must is collected from the bottom of the tank and transferred to the fermentation tank, and 10% of the freshly harvested grapes are added to the top of the tank. After the end of the fermentation, the fresh wine remains for 10 months with the fine lees.

Yellow and golden colors mingle with delicate acidity and a pleasant oiliness, with floral and citrusy notes on the nose.

Look for this beauty if you have the fortune of visiting Geranium restaurant.

Mængde: 75 cl.

Velegnet til: Grønt, fisk, skaldyr, lyst kød

Serveringstemperatur: 7-10 grader

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